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It is humbling to join the staff of The Ballet Herald. Click the link below to read my review of the iHeartDanceNYC performance on the evening of Monday, May 10, 2021.

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Bond Girl is featured in the intercollegiate literary journal The Foundationalist in their Fall 2020 issue.

Enjoy reading the first segment, Do Not Fear, and read the full story found in the links below.
Do Not Fear
I come into this world with the inevitability that I will die another day.

If God wound up the clock, then is it not the snake who set the world into motion? The snake hissed at Eve to take a bite, for an experience she never would have known. The world was born off of Apophis' back, a black void of nothing. Taking the form of a serpent, Apophis chases the sun god, Ra, across the sky each day, the gods of Ancient Egypt battling the chaos he brings with each night. Shiva dances, standing on one leg in a circle of fire, the continuous creation and destruction of our world. A serpent coils along the lord of dance's right arm – there are evils in this world with a license to kill. Shiva's hand extends past the snake, gesturing to the viewer with his palm raised; abhaya mudra. Fear not of change. Fear not of the evils lurking in the darkness, for tomorrow never dies and we must be undone before coming closer into being.
Plates are shifting, the world is always becoming and undoing. We are all wandering away, returning home, dancing in solitude with the serpents hissing at our ankles. Do not fear the change, since the shift of the world is always underneath us, and all we can do is live and let die.

My first dance studio is in a small college town large enough to be coined on the morning news as "The Hollywood of South-Central Kentucky." The high school girls have their group dance to Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney, shimmying in gold 70's costumes and pulsing red lights, reaching up to the sky with their arms and posing back-to-back with pistol fingers like a Charlie's Angels pose. I want to be up there with them. I know their whole dance because I sit in the auditorium and never miss a chance to watch their rehearsals, sitting crisscross-apple-sauce, eyes wide open. One of the girls is kind enough to teach me the chorus step, so I wiggle along in the back of the auditorium with my gun finger poses – Bang, bang!

I am not afraid. I can be the Bond Girl.

Linked is a blog post I wrote for American Ballet Theatre on my experience from going from dancer to summer intern for the Jaqueliene Kennedy Onasis School.
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