Kasey Broekema
Kasey Broekema is a freelance writer based in New York City.

She is a freelance entertainment reporter at The Sun and a regular contributor to The Ballet Herald. She was a lead editor for the inaugural issue of the neuroscience journal Grey Matters Columbia University Chapter.

Bond Girl
is published in Yale University, Bowdoin College, and Iowa State's The Foundationalist and He Never Needs to Know will be published in print in December 2021 in the Miami-based literary journal Prospectus.

She graduated from Columbia College of Columbia University, Class of 2021 with a BA in English.

Kasey is also a freelance dancer based in New York City with extensive experience in performing arts education. You can often find her scheming up story plots in dimly lit coffee shop corners, goggling in awe at her favorite dancers at Lincoln Center, and geeking out over Ancient Egyptian art at The Met Museum.
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